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‘Game of Thrones’ actor says the series finale is ‘rather brilliant’ — but may not please everyone

Iain Glen, who plays Jorah Mormont on HBO's "Game of Thrones," says "you cannot please everyone" in regards to the series finale.

‘Game of Thrones’ actors cried over all the deaths when they first read a script for the final season

Fancesca Orsi, the senior vp of drama at HBO, implied that a lot of characters are going to die in the final season of "Game of Thrones."
"Last Week Tonight with John Oliver."

John Oliver compares bitcoin to a $15,000 Beanie Baby: ‘You’re not investing — you’re gambling’

John Oliver gave a crash course on bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain on Sunday night's "Last Week Tonight."

There’s going to be a ‘Sopranos’ movie written by the show’s creator — here’s everything we know so far

There's not that many details on the 'Sopranos' prequel movie yet, but we we do know that characters from the show will make an appearance.

Bill Hader breaks down how ‘SNL’ stage fright inspired his new HBO show about a hitman, and tells a funny Tom Cruise story

Bill Hader chats about his HBO show "Barry," in which he plays a hitman, and how the anxiety he had while on "Saturday Night Live" was an inspiration.

John Oliver addresses his heated exchange with Dustin Hoffman over sexual misconduct allegations: ‘I’m staggered if he honestly thought I ...

At a Q&A with journalists on Monday, comedian John Oliver addressed his heated December interview with actor Dustin Hoffman.
AMC's "Better Call Saul."

The best current TV show on each network — from ABC to FX to Netflix

We turned to Rotten Tomatoes to select the best current TV show on each network based on their critical reception, in places like ABC, CBS, AMC, and FX.
"Game of Thrones."

HBO reportedly has over 5 million US subscribers outside traditional cable packages — more than double what it had a year ago

HBO has reached over 5 million online subscribers, according to Bloomberg. The cable provider has more than doubled its online subscriptions in the past year.