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A MADI house.

This $33,500 home can resist earthquakes and pop up in under 7 hours

Because the MADI home, designed by the Italian architect Renato Vidal, can quickly unfold, it could come in handy in a disaster.

Inside an 18th century Scottish farmhouse that was transformed into a modern day home powered by the sun

Take a look inside an 18th century farmhouse that architects renovated into a modern, solar-powered home in Dumfries, Scotland.

19 crazy facts about Bill Gates’ $125 million mansion

It took Gates 7 years and $63 million to build his Medina, Washington, estate, named 'Xanadu 2.0,' after the fictional home in 'Citizen Kane.'

A retired hedge fund manager has sold his 2-in-1 St. Barts estate that was listed for $67 million — take a look inside

Girasol is a seven-acre estate that was previously owned by retired hedge funder Bruce Kovner.
The 19,000 square-foot home has a full-sized batting cage.

The 35-year-old billionaire president of In-N-Out Burger is selling her California mansion for $19.8 million — here’s a look inside

The 35-year-old heiress and president of In-N-Out is one of the youngest female billionaires in America.

Jay Leno reportedly just bought a $13.5 million mansion in Rhode Island — and it looks like it was built for French royalty

Jay Leno's new nine-acre property features a pool, tennis court, gardens, terraces, and a six-car garage
Murdoch bought the property for $29.5 million in 2013.

Rupert Murdoch’s $30 million Southern California estate is under threat from wildfires

Wildfires have been burning throughout Southern California since Monday evening. Rupert Murdoch's Moraga Estate is within the evacuation zone.

16 crazy facts about the 100-square-mile ranch that T. Boone Pickens just listed for $250 million

T. Boone Pickens is saying goodbye to his longtime hunting escape, and it comes with some crazy features.
T. Boone Pickens at Mesa Vista Ranch, which he has declared to be the home of "the world's best quail hunting."

Legendary investor T. Boone Pickens is selling his enormous Texas ranch — complete with an airport — for a whopping $250 million

T. Boone Pickens will sell his Texas ranch, which comes with an airport, hunting grounds, and other accommodations.

Vanna White’s former Los Angeles home has its own private vineyard — and it could be yours for $47.5 million

A mansion once owned and occupied by Vanna White is on the market for $47.5 million.