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McMaster is out — here are all the casualties of the Trump administration so far

From Andrew McCabe, Rex Tillerson, and Gary Cohn to Anthony Scaramucci and Reince Priebus, here's everyone who has left the Trump administration so far.
Hope Hicks and Steve Bannon are two high-profile examples of President Donald Trump's staff turnover.

Trump’s staff turnover is higher than any administration in modern history

This White House's first year has seen more firings, resignations, and reassignments of top staffers than any other first-year White House in recent history.
Hope Hicks

Everyone’s blaming Corey Lewandowski for the Rob Porter scandal — because he still had ‘raw feelings’ for Hope Hicks and thoug...

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski may have helped expose allegations that former White House staff secretary Rob Porter abused his two ex-wives.

Alec Baldwin played an interesting role in connecting Hope Hicks with the Trump family

Long before Hope Hicks became the president's top aide and actor Alec Baldwin began impersonating him on "SNL," Hicks auditioned for a film Baldwin starred in.

We just got our latest hint that Hope Hicks has a detailed diary — and that could be of interest to investigators

Hope Hicks listed pros and cons of her resignation from the White House in her notebook, New York magazine said.
Hope Hicks.

John Kelly was ‘extraordinarily dismissive’ of Hope Hicks and dubbed her ‘the high-schooler’

White House chief of staff John Kelly did not think much of outgoing communications director Hope Hicks, as a New York magazine profile laid out Sunday night.
U.S. President Donald Trump confers with White House Communications Director Hope Hicks during an interview with Reuters at the White House in Washington, U.S., January 17, 2018.

Hope Hicks wrote the note Trump held reminding him to tell shooting survivors ‘I hear you’ — and the handwriting is a clear match to...

The "bubbly" handwriting in Trump's school shooting note matches Valentine's Day cards Hicks handed out to White House communications staff.
Hope Hicks.

Hope Hicks wanted to leave the White House twice before — but she couldn’t find a time when there wasn’t a crisis

Hope Hicks reportedly had come close to quitting twice before. By the second time, she couldn't bring herself to re-sign the lease for her Washington apartment.

Several Trump administration staffers are vying for Hope Hicks’ job, but some see her as ‘irreplaceable’

Hicks is one of Trump's longest-tenured staffers who rose up in the ranks despite her lack of experience in politics.

Hope Hicks told the House Intelligence Committee that one of her email accounts had been hacked

Hicks made the stunning revelation during testimony she gave a day before she officially announced her resignation from the White House.