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Congress narrowly avoids government shutdown, delays deadline 2 weeks

The House passed a funding bill to keep the government open until December 22. The bill needs to be approved by the Senate to avoid a shutdown on Friday.

Republican leaders are scrambling to appease hardline conservatives to avoid a government shutdown

Congressional negotiations on legislation to avoid a government shutdown have hit stumbling blocks in recent days.

The avalanche of Republican retirements is creating a chance for once-unthinkable lawmakers to rise to powerful positions

More establishment Republicans are announcing their retirements each day, which younger, more conservative members could use to climb the ladder in Congress.

Conservatives are blasting Trump’s deal with Democrats

Conservative Republicans in the House and Senate are not happy with President Donal dTrump's bargain with Democrats on the debt ceiling.

Top Republican tears up about family after discussing the latest CBO score on the GOP healthcare bill

Rep. Mark Meadows reportedly got emotional after reading about the potential effects of the House GOP's healthcare bill on sick Americans.

Republicans just moved closer than ever to passing their Obamacare overhaul

After hold outs Upton and Long flipped, the American Health Care Act looks close to passing.

Trump just scored a big win with the conservatives who killed his healthcare bill

"The House Freedom Caucus has taken an official position in support of the current proposal," said a statement from the group in support of the AHCA.

The negotiations over ‘Trumpcare’ 2.0 are already looking like a disaster

It doesn't appear Republicans are getting any closer to passing the American Health Care Act through the House.

The future of ‘Trumpcare’ is already starting to look like a mess

Republican leaders insist that they can still get healthcare reform done, but that looks increasingly unlikely.

Trump directly attacks Freedom Caucus members on Twitter over healthcare battle

President Donald Trump attacked three prominent members of the conservative House Freedom Caucus on Twitter for their opposition to the GOP healthcare bill.