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Cowen's summary of GOP tax reform implications on three mega-cap tech companies.

The GOP tax bill could add billions to Amazon, Facebook and Google’s bottom lines

Amazon, Google and Facebook will save a combined $4.5 billion on taxes thank to the GOP tax bill, according to Cowen.

Republicans are about to confront Trump’s ‘red line’ to fix problems in their tax bill

Republican are considering making their corporate tax cut less generous in order to solve problems in their tax bill.

The GOP tax bill just got another ugly review

CBS News found that that 35% of Americans approved of the GOP tax bill, while 53% disapproved, following a slew of bad polls for the new plan.

Experts are starting to find massive errors in the GOP tax bill after it went through Congress at lightning speed

House and Senate Republicans will need to solve issues with the corporate alternative minimum tax and the university endowment tax in a conference committee.

Top GOP congressman: Our tax bill was ‘mislabeled’ to avoid concerns about Trump’s ‘net worth and business involvements’...

Mark Sanford, a South Carolina Republican, this week told reporters the GOP tax bill was "mislabeled" since it's more about business taxes than personal taxes.

Republicans just received 2 alarming reviews of their tax plan

Polls have found the Republican tax bill, named the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, getting dismal approval ratings from the public.
This is Stephen Moore. He likes tax cuts.

Top Trump adviser says the GOP tax bill is ‘death to Democrats’

The Trump campaign adviser Stephen Moore said SALT deduction repeal, taxes on colleges, and Obamacare mandate repeal made the GOP tax bill "death to Democrats."

The fight over the Republican tax plan isn’t over — here are the biggest differences between the House and Senate bills

The GOP tax plan is headed for a conference committee. Here are the differences between the House and Senate bills that it will have to work out.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

Republicans are still making a huge claim about the tax bill that every independent analysis rejects

Mitch McConnell, Steven Mnuchin, and other Republicans say the tax reform bill will pay for itself, not a single major analysis agrees with them.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer

The breakneck speed of the Republican tax bill is angering Democrats and increasing its chances

Republicans are moving their tax plan through the House and the Senate at a pace that is good for their bill but also angering Democrats.