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All the crazy things happening in San Francisco because of its out-of-control housing prices

People are leaving San Francisco in droves because of the insane housing market.

14 states that still haven’t fully recovered from the housing crash

Many homeowners who bought at the market top would sell at a loss today.

The new housing crisis is so bad that buyers are increasingly rushing to bid on places they’ve never seen

More than a third of people who bought homes last year said they made an offer sight unseen, a recent survey by Redfin found.

Homebuyers now have something else to be worried about besides the housing shortage

BI PRIME: "A lot more people are cognizant of interest rates."

The most expensive houses in America are giving owners the worst bang for their buck

Starter home values are rising at a faster rate than luxury homes, according to a new Zillow report.
The registration of an Amazon lobbyist in Georgia is spurring speculation that the company could house its new headquarters in the state.

ZILLOW: Here are the US cities where the housing shortage is at ‘crisis levels’

The number of homes available for sale fell for a third straight year in 2017.

CREDIT SUISSE: There are 3 reasons why an activist investor could be interested in Lowe’s

A Credit Suisse analyst looks at why Lowe's is a good investment opportunity for an activist investor.

Trump’s tax overhaul has slowed Manhattan’s real estate market even before going into full effect

New York's housing market is expected to be one of the most impacted by tax reform.

The 17 US cities where rents are soaring the most

There are few signs that rents will get cheaper in 2018.