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Scientists may have uncovered a psychological reason why some people are more likely to be racist

People who hate disordered patterns could be more prone to being racist, according to new research

Expensify CEO says its ‘automated’ service is ‘proud’ to use humans to process receipts

Expensify advertises its expense management system as "automated," but its CEO says the company has never tried to hide the fact that it also relies on humans.

Why we cry — the evolutionary science behind our natural reaction

We asked Professor Sophie Scott, who studies the cognitive neuroscience of human communication, to explain why humans cry.

Scientists edited the DNA of human embryos that could become people for the first time — here’s what that means for ‘designer babies...

Biologists edited the genes of viable human embryos with few mistakes using gene-editing technique CRISPR for the first time.

It’s amazing how much taller people are now than they were 100 years ago

People have been getting taller because of better healthcare, sanitation, and nutrition.

Ancient tooth plaque reveals what our extinct human relatives really ate

The DNA preserved in prehistoric plaque shows the Neanderthal diet differed drastically by region. While some feasted on wild sheep, others ate moss and nuts.

You could fit the entire human race into a sugar cube — and 13 other facts to put the universe into perspective

Feeling overwhelmed? Relax. You're barely a blip in the incomprehensibly vast universe.

Scientists have an interesting theory about how we got such big brains

The past 2 million years have not been easy on our brains.

There is no scientific validity to this dangerous and pervasive notion — yet all of us are probably guilty of it

The vast majority of us are either consciously or sub-conciously less empathetic toward people of other races.

Google’s doodle is dedicated to one of anthropology’s greatest discoveries

Google celebrates 'Lucy,' our most famous early human species.