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U.S. President Donald Trump reacts as he sits on a truck while he welcomes truckers and CEOs to attend a meeting regarding healthcare at the White House in Washington, U.S., March 23, 2017.

Trump is open to more-than doubling the gas tax to pay for his giant infrastructure plan

President Trump told lawmakers that he is open to an increase in the federal gas tax to help pay for his huge infrastructure plan.

Trump is using his famous renovation of a New York City ice rink to sell his infrastructure plan

President Donald Trump says that fixing America's roads and bridges will be just like a larger version of his successful renovation of an ice rink in 1986.
An aerial view of the damaged Oroville Dam spillway is shown. Dams in the US are aging. In fact, the average age of of US dams is 56 years.

America’s infrastructure is falling apart — here’s a look at how bad things have gotten

America's infrastructure is desperately in need of investment, according to the American Society of Civil Engineers'.
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump

Trump is announcing a huge $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan — here’s what’s in it

President Donald Trump's infrastructure plan includes $200 billion in federal funding and attempts to cut down on regulatory reviews of proposals.

Trump is about to reveal a $1.5 trillion plan to repair America’s infrastructure — here’s the most dangerous bridge in every state

The Trump administration will unveil its infrastructure plan on Monday. A recent analysis reveals the most structurally deficient bridges around the US.
A trader works on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange shortly before the end of the day's trading in New York July 31, 2013.

Infrastructure week: Here’s a super-quick guide to what traders are talking about right now

Dave Lutz, head of ETFs at JonesTrading, has an overview of markets this Tuesday.

Republicans may reject a major proposal to pay for Trump’s $1.5 trillion infrastructure project because it could ruin the goodwill from the tax ...

GOP leaders are wary of including federal gas tax bump in their infrastructure package over fears they will be accused of raising taxes on the middle class.
President Donald Trump

Trump’s giant $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan looks dead on arrival

President Donald Trump used the State of the Union address to promote his infrastructure plan, but lawmakers and policy analysts are skeptical it will pass.

Democrats weren’t buying what Trump was trying to sell in his State of the Union

President Donald Trump's call for a sweeping infrastructure plan during his first official State of the Union address failed to impress Democrats Tuesday night.