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Wild photo shows Tour de France rider’s vascular legs after 16 stages

Tour de France rider Pawe? Polja?ski has been competing in the world's...

Malaysian police arrest man for insulting Johor princess

The man was arrested on the same day the Johor palace announced the princess's upcoming marriage next month. Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar’s Facebook...

Pro surfer Kelly Slater shares X-ray of gruesome foot injury on Instagram

Slater shared the photo of his shattered foot on Instagram after he was forced to drop out of the competition at Jeffreys Bay.

Snap is sliding after its 2nd downgrade in a week

The downgrade is a result of worries over user growth and strong competition.

STIFEL: Buy Snap because it’s what investors want Twitter to be

Snap's stock price is getting hit while it is down, but it might be because of a simple lack of understanding.

Nelson Cruz put the All-Star Game on pause for a moment to take a picture with his favorite umpire

Veteran umpire Joe West and Mariners star Nelson Cruz relationship goes all the way back to Cruz's rookie season in 2006

How Instagram’s ‘Rich Kids of Switzerland’ spend their fortunes

Switzerland is the most expensive country to live in Europe. It's also home to the world's most expensive school — and some extremely wealthy youngsters.

Donald Trump Jr. one-ups his dad with new Instagram that shows the president shooting down ‘CNN’

Donald Trump Jr. is continuing the anti-media meme war on his father's behalf, with an edited clip of "Top Gun" showing the president shooting down "CNN."

‘This shows who he’s actually keeping out’: Instagram account posts photos of ‘banned grandmas’ to protest Trump’s travel ban

Holly Dagres, a 31-year-old Iranian-American political analyst, started the account in order to put faces to the people who would be affected by the travel ban.

Twitter let a celebrity with millions of followers post revenge porn for 30 minutes before it was taken down

Twitter allowed a celebrity with a verified account and over 7 million followers to share explicit photos of an ex for about 30 minutes before they were removed.