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This is what it looked like when you had to manually update apps prior to iOS 7.

I love iPhone apps that actually put effort into explaining their software updates — here are the best and worst offenders

It's worth highlighting developers who are trying to be more transparent with their users.
Alto's Adventure is a game full of colour.

‘Alto’s Odyssey’: How the team behind ‘Alto’s Adventure’ came up with one of the best smartphone games ever made

"Alto's Odyssey" is the perfect mobile game: It works on the go and for long sessions, and is fun and hypnotizing at the same time.

Some people are exploiting the latest Apple bug to crash your iPhone via Twitter

An update is apparently on its way, but it's unclear when exactly Apple is going to release it.
Alto's Odyssey's tagline is "The next adventure awaits."

The sequel to one of the best mobile games ever made is just around the corner — here’s everything we know

Players won't have to wait much to get their hands on Alto and his companions' next adventure, at least on iOS.
Apple CEO Tim Cook.

The critical secret code that allows iOS devices to boot up has leaked online — and Apple has confirmed it’s real

The code appears to be legitimate, though it seems to belong to an older version of iOS.

Apple is about to have a great year — here’s what to expect it to launch in 2018

Right now, in Cupertino, California, Apple engineers, designers, and marketers are working on the iPhones and iPads that will launch this year.

A former Facebook executive and Princeton dropout built an app that lets you impersonate Donald Trump

A new iOS app provides an unlimited number of ways to mimic the president.

‘Mario Kart’ is finally coming to smartphones — here are 5 things we know (and don’t know) about it

Nintendo continues to put its biggest franchises on smartphones, and "Mario Kart" is the next one up.

Everything we know about iOS 12, the biggest software update coming to iPhones and iPads this year

A new report suggests iOS 12 may be a giant security and performance update for iPhones and iPads, rather than a feature overhaul.