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Islamists lure youngsters in the Philippines with payments, promise of paradise

Marawi City, Philippines - When he saw his commander holding the severed head of one of his neighbours, teenage Islamist fighter Jalil knew it...

The US-led bombing campaign against ISIS set a record in August

Every month of 2017 has seen more bombs dropped on ISIS in Iraq and Afghanistan than any other month in the three-year campaign.

These Yazidi women escaped ISIS slavery — and are painting self-portraits to reclaim their dignity

Liza, Nisren, Hanan, and Jamila were enslaved by ISIS, and are using art lessons in Iraq to regain their identities.

Indonesian school a launchpad for child fighters in Syria’s Islamic State

SUKAJAYA, Indonesia - Hatf Saiful Rasul was 11 years old when he told his father, a convicted Islamic militant, that he wanted to...

US aircraft are striking stranded ISIS fighters if they try to take a leak

US aircraft are reportedly targeting ISIS fighters from a convoy stranded in Syria.

Watch a Russian warship fire cruise missiles at ISIS targets in eastern Syria

The missiles were fired at ISIS targets near Deir al-Zor in eastern Syria, where Syrian forces recently lifted a years-long ISIS siege.

Trump’s new Afghanistan strategy could add to the Air Force’s burdens

The details of the US's expanded campaign in Afghanistan are unknown, but a more vigorous fight could put more strain on the US Air Force.

Look inside the tunnels ISIS uses to launch sneak attacks in Raqqa

Some of the tunnels reportedly even have rooms and toilets.

These are the greatest fears that people have in the world

ISIS and climate change topped the list of a Pew Research Center survey ranking eight security threats threatening the globe.

ISIS posts video of what appears to be an American child threatening Trump

“My father’s an American soldier who fought the mujahideen in Iraq,” the boy says.