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ALIBABA’S JACK MA: New technology ‘may cause the Third World War’

Jack Ma thinks that a lot of people could lose their jobs to automation in the coming years, and this could be a serious geopolitical issue.

Jack Ma made nearly $3 billion on Alibaba’s surge

The CEO of Alibaba is now the 14th richest person in the world, according to Bloomberg.

Alibaba’s Jack Ma announces major digital partnership with International Olympic Committee

Alibaba executive chairman Jack Ma on Thursday announced a 12-year, three-part digital partnership with the International Olympic Committee.

Alibaba founder Jack Ma meets with Trump, pledges to create 1 million US jobs

Alibaba CEO Jack Ma met with Donald Trump on Monday.

Arianna Huffington is building a new media startup backed by Alibaba founder Jack Ma

Arianna Huffington is building a new media venture, called Thrive, which will focus on health and wellness, according to Bloomberg.

The SEC is investigating Alibaba

Jack Ma's creation is being investigated for its accounting practices.

There are signs China is turning against Alibaba

All of a sudden, the government has problems with the company, and there is a clear reason why.

This is Alibaba’s chance to prove its critics wrong, or add fuel to the fire

Singles' Day is five times bigger than Cyber Monday, and it could be a make-or-break day for Alibaba.

Jim Chanos just pitched an Alibaba short and shares are falling

Chanos cites "accounting concerns" as his reason for the short recommendation.

JACK MA: China’s economy is slowing, and that’s a good thing

In a letter to investors Tuesday, Alibaba founder Jack Ma said that the slowing Chinese economy is actually a good thing.