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Google CEO Sundar Pichai

A software developer says Google fired him because he spoke out against harassment

The lawsuit comes after another ex-Google employee, James Damore, claimed the company discriminates against white male conservatives.

Google is ‘pausing’ an internal talks series because of uninvited guests — but one speaker says it’s because of the culture wa...

The author of 'Chaos Monkeys," a book about working at Facebook, said his planned talk at Google was suddenly cancelled due to controversial things he wrote.

Google CEO: We didn’t fire the diversity memo writer for political reasons

James Damore is suing Google for discrimination.
Google Senior VP Urs Hölzle

An ex-Google engineer said a top exec accused him of stirring up trouble when he called out colleagues for making racist comments

Top Google exec Urs Hölzle allegedly told an engineer to knock off to stop calling out racist in the company, because it was better not to know about "Nazis."

Google managers kept blacklists of conservative employees — and one manager even considered holding ‘trials’, alleges a new lawsuit

There are literal 'blacklists' of conservative employees, alleges a lawsuit that seeks to protect white, male Googlers from discrimination.
James Damore during an appearance on comedian Joe Rogan's podcast.

The engineer fired for his memo about women in tech is suing Google for discrimination over being white, male, and conservative

James Damore and his lawyers have filed a lawsuit against Google seeking class-action status.

The Google memo writer has hired a GOP official to be his lawyer and she’s already gathering facts

Damore has claimed he was fired for expressing a conservative point of view.

The ‘March on Google’ protest has been cancelled

Its conspiracy theorist organiser says they have received threats from what he describes as the "alt-left."

Female engineers explain why James Damore was really fired from Google

A Googler wrote: "I should not be forced into that kind of debate at work."