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Jimmy Kimmel blames Netflix for low Oscars ratings in response to Trump

On Tuesday night's show, Jimmy Kimmel addressed President Donald Trump's tweet about low Oscars ratings and blamed Netflix.
Fergie singing the National Anthem at Sunday's NBA All-Star game.

Jimmy Kimmel explains his reaction to Fergie’s ‘unusually sultry’ rendition of the National Anthem

Jimmy Kimmel has a perfectly good reason why he was caught smiling during Fergie's singing of the National Anthem at the NBA All-Star game, which went viral.
People came up with a litany of reasons why Hillary Clinton should be impeached even though she holds no public office.

‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ tricks Trump supporters into detailing why they think Hillary Clinton should be impeached

"Jimmy Kimmel Live" talked to people in LA about why they think Hillary Clinton should be impeached — even though Clinton currently holds no public office.
Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel drops the mic on the apparent death of the GOP healthcare bill

Jimmy Kimmel thanked Sens. John McCain and Susan Collins for coming out against the latest Republican healthcare bill, known as Graham-Cassidy.

The heart-wrenching story of Jimmy Kimmel’s infant son explains why he’s so passionate about healthcare

Jimmy Kimmel's son, Billy, is the reason he is so invested in the future of the Republican healthcare bills.
Jimmy Kimmel

‘I’m not a serious person?’: Jimmy Kimmel escalates his war against the Republican healthcare bill

Jimmy Kimmel attacked the new Republican healthcare bill, Sens. Bill Cassidy and Lindsey Graham, Gov. Chris Christie, and President Donald Trump.
Bill Cassidy

GOP senator accuses Jimmy Kimmel of not understanding healthcare bill after Kimmel said he ‘lied right to my face’

Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy responded to late-night host Jimmy Kimmel's accusation that the senator lied to him about his Obamacare-replacement legislation.

Jimmy Kimmel slams new Republican healthcare bill, says its author lied to him

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel slammed the new Graham-Cassidy Republican healthcare bill and called its author Bill Cassidy a liar.

Jimmy Kimmel doesn’t hold back in Sean Spicer’s first interview since leaving the White House

Jimmy Kimmel touched on everything from if Sean Spicer ever saw Donald Trump naked to Melissa McCarthy's "Saturday Night Live" impersonation.

Floyd Mayweather tells Jimmy Kimmel he’ll pay him back if he bets on him and loses

The undefeated fighter is not short on confidence when it comes to putting his money where his mouth is