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The electronics department at Kohl's in Jersey City, New Jersey.

We went to a Kohl’s store and saw how it’s bucking the trend of dying department stores and malls

Many department stores are closing their doors, but Kohl's has managed to defy the retail meltdown and find some success.
Costco allows customers to return any products at any time.

These stores have the best return policies in retail

Costco, IKEA, and Trader Joe's are known for their relaxed return policies.
Whole Foods could reach tens of millions of new customers through a partnership with Kohl's.

Kohl’s could be the unlikely key to Whole Foods reaching millions of new customers — and it’s ‘vastly negative’ news for...

A partnership with Kohl's would expose Whole Foods to millions of new customers and turn it into a bigger threat to companies like Kroger and Walmart.
Kohl's sales are soaring.

Kohl’s is defying the retail meltdown — and it’s more proof that malls are dying

Nine out of 10 Kohl's stores are in suburban strip malls and other areas away from enclosed shopping malls, the company says.

Kohl’s is adding the discount grocer Aldi to its stores

Kohl's will add the discount grocery chain Aldi to as many as 10 of its stores this year.
Kohl's is cashing in on the retail apocalypse.

The retail apocalypse has claimed a new victim — and it could be great news for Kohl’s

Kohl's is looking like a big winner as its department-store rivals close locations.

These stores made big moves to defy the retail apocalypse

Big efforts to draw in customers during the holiday season paid off for brands like Target and Kohl's.

Amazon could buy Macy’s, Kohl’s, or JCPenney over Target

Amazon's potential acquisition targets include Macy's, JCPenney, Kohl's, Lowe's, and Williams Sonoma.
Some Kohl's stores now have Amazon Returns centers.

You can now return Amazon orders for free at certain Kohl’s stores — here’s how it works

Anyone can now return Amazon orders at some Kohl's stores in Chicago and Los Angeles. We tested it to see how the service works.

Kohl’s Black Friday sales have begun, 3 full days before Thanksgiving

Kohl's Black Friday sales have started early this year. Here's when you can get deals online and in-store.