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Al Franken.

Some conservatives are starting to come to Al Franken’s defense, saying he was taken out by a ‘lynch mob’

Al Franken found some unlikely defenders after it became clear he would resign from his seat following a bevy of sexual harassment allegations.
President Donald Trump and Fox News' Laura Ingraham.

‘I’m the only one that matters’: Trump disregards State Department’s unfilled positions

President Donald Trump addressed the state of the State Department, which has numerous unfilled positions some see as critical, and said something surprising.
White House chief of staff John Kelly.

John Kelly says Robert E. Lee was an ‘honorable man,’ blames Civil War on lack of ‘compromise’

John Kelly talked about the historical significance of US monuments and called Confederate Army General Robert E. Lee an "honorable man."

Fox News announces major lineup shakeup, launching a show hosted by conservative pundit Laura Ingraham

Conservative pundit Laura Ingraham reportedly signed a contract with Fox News to host her own show in primetime.

Stephen Miller is testing out a new insult for the mainstream media

Miller repeatedly referred to the "extreme media," a term he said he now prefers using to the more familiar pejorative "mainstream media."

Sean Spicer is reportedly interviewing people to take his job while Trump considers a new role for him

Sean Spicer is reportedly looking for someone to take over his job as White House press secretary as he's considered for a more senior communications role.

Trump’s attacks on the House Freedom Caucus force his supporters in conservative media into awkward position

President Donald Trump has forced some of his most ardent supporters in conservative media into an awkward position.

Fox News’ Kimberly Guilfoyle continues hosting show as she reportedly makes push for Trump press secretary

Fox News has allowed Kimberly Guilfoyle to host "The Five" despite reports indicating she's under consideration for a role in the Trump administration.