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A CEO explains why telling your team ‘great job!’ isn’t encouraging and positive — it’s unhelpful

Austin McChord, CEO of data-protection company Datto, says managers should limit how much they praise employees and focus instead on what they can do better.

Microsoft slides after earnings fail to impress Wall Street

Microsoft reported its second-quarter 2018 earnings on Wednesday after the bell that revealed a modest beat followed by a one-time tax hit of $13.8 billion.

7 scandalous things tech companies like Facebook, Apple, and Amazon have done that sound made up — but are actually true

Tech companies have done a lot of questionable things over the years, from slowing down old batteries to collecting data on users' sex lives.
All of these gigs pay over $65,000 — but most rake in six figures.

19 lucrative jobs with tons of opportunities in 2018

LinkedIn broke down some of the most promising jobs of 2018, and a lot of the occupations are engineering gigs.
Reid Hoffman's Trumped Up Cards is his variation of Apples to Apples or its offshoot, Cards Against Humanity.

Billionaire Democratic donor Reid Hoffman made a satirical Trump game — and it captures the spirit of ‘the Resistance,’ for better o...

LinkedIn founder and billionaire investor Reid Hoffman released Trumped Up Cards ahead of the 2016 election and updated it in 2017. This is what we thought.
Be prepared for a new way of working.

How jobs and careers will change in 2018, according to an ex-Google exec, a business school professor, and a ‘Shark Tank’ investor

LinkedIn gathered predictions from experts in a range of fields about the changes we should expect to see in our offices come 2018.
LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman chats with Kleiner Perkins partner William "Bing" Gordon. Hoffman is regarded as one of the most well-connected people in tech.

LinkedIn’s billionaire founder Reid Hoffman says helping run PayPal taught him an unexpected lesson about networking

LinkedIn's Reid Hoffman said not enough people are taking advantage of "networking intelligence."