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You can now buy a replica of Mark Zuckerberg’s crazy expensive plain grey t-shirt for $46

If you've seen a photo of Mark Zuckerberg from the past few years, you've most likely seen him wearing a plain grey t-shirt.

The Trump administration pulled 2 top climate experts off a scheduled Glacier National Park tour with Mark Zuckerberg days before he arrived

Glacier National Park has a prominent place in climate change discussion — only 26 of its original 150 glaciers remain.

A top Facebook exec explains why it must spend $500 million on video games to achieve Zuckerberg’s 10-year master plan

Mark Zuckerberg thinks VR will rule the world tomorrow. So Oculus is building killer video games today.

We finally know how Mark Zuckerberg polls against Trump in a battle for the presidency

Finally, someone polled Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg against President Donald Trump in a 2020 presidential survey.

Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are backing a controversial education program in East Africa

Silicon Valley has a growing interest in education, but one model bucks a recent trend toward personalization.

Tottenham Hotspur denied takeover rumours amid reports club owner Joe Lewis is ‘holding out for £2 billion’

Tottenham Hotspur insist there have been no discussions as speculation of a £1 billion sale reached fever pitch on Sunday.

Mark Zuckerberg doubles down on universal basic income after a trip to Alaska

The Facebook CEO remarked in a recent post that Alaska's approach to basic income "may be a lesson for the rest of the country as well."

Mark Zuckerberg thinks universal basic income is a ‘bipartisan idea’ worth exploring in the US

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has become a vocal advocate of universal basic income, the system in which people are given a free paycheck from the government.

Facebook’s leaked rules on censoring hate speech protect ‘white men’ but not ‘black children’

A bombshell investigation by ProPublica sheds new light on how Facebook trains its thousands of content moderators to police hate speech.

Facebook easily coasted to 2 billion users, but the joy ride may be coming to an end

Now that Facebook is used by roughly two-thirds of the world's population with internet access, its days of easy growth are nearing an end.