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PayPal slammed after eBay snubs it for another payment partner

Shares of PayPal fell on Wednesday after eBay, the former parent company of PayPal, announced that it had inked a deal with a new primary payment processor.

American Express and MasterCard are quietly killing one of the most annoying things about buying things in stores

MasterCard, Discover, and American Express have all announced that soon customers will not be required to sign receipts at check-out.

Amazon can alter the course of history for these 7 companies

Investors can benefit from investing in companies whose revenues are tied to Amazon.

AMC Theatres has begun pushing back against MoviePass, the $10-a-month service that lets you see a movie a day in theaters

MoviePass users in Boston and Denver will now need to purchase their tickets in person, instead of being able to buy them from home.

Banking startup Curve raises $10 million

The fintech startup has announced a $10 million in investment from a range of banks, VCs and individuals, bringing its total investment to $13 million.

MasterCard bags TSB as a customer in a win for its digital operations

The bank, which has a 4.5% share of the UK current account market, will reissue all its debit cards on MasterCard from 2018.