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We tried fried-fish sandwiches from every major fast-food chain — and the winner is clear

We decided to taste test fish sandwiches from seven major chains to find out which fishwich is the best.

McDonald’s is making a major change to its Happy Meals to win over skeptical parents

McDonald's just announced an initative to cut calories in Happy Meals.
McDonald's and Chick-fil-A chicken tenders

McDonald’s is betting big on fried chicken — and it should terrify Chick-fil-A

One of McDonald's top priorities is reportedly now becoming a "credible chicken player."
Taco Bell Fries

Taco Bell’s newest weapon against McDonald’s in the fast-food price wars is already producing results

Taco Bell's fries are already bringing more customers into the chain.

McDonald’s, KFC, and Taco Bell have gone to war in the $100 billion delivery market — and there’s a clear winner

McDonald's still has the upper hand — but with the Grubhub deal, KFC and Taco Bell have a major opportunity to enter the fast-food deliver war.

These before-and-after photos show how much McDonald’s has changed over the years

McDonald's started as a local restaurant in California and now services more than 69 million customers worldwide every day.

Athletes at the Olympics get McDonald’s for free — here’s what their personal fast-food restaurant looks like

McDonald's is yet again serving up free food to athletes at the Winter Olympics.
McDonald's and Taco Bell are competing for budget-conscious diners.

We tried the new value menus at McDonald’s and Taco Bell to see which is a better deal — and the winner is clear

Whose value menu offers the best bang for your buck: McDonald's, or Taco Bell? We took a look at each to see which has the best value.
A McDonald's employee passes an order to a driver at a drive through restaurant in Los Angeles

FAST FOOD’S BIGGEST CRISIS: Chipotle, McDonald’s, and Dunkin’ Donuts can’t find enough workers

With unemployment at a 17-year low, restaurants are struggling to hire and retain workers.