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Amazon is famous for its aggressive growth.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says working at McDonald’s as a 16-year-old made him obsessed with automation and managing employees

Jeff Bezos spent a summer working the grill at McDonald's, and it taught him several lessons that would help him while running Amazon later in life.
It costs a lot of money to open a McDonald's restaurant.

Here’s what it costs to open a McDonald’s restaurant

It costs a lot of money to open a McDonald's restaurant.

We tried McDonald’s and Starbucks’ newest weapon to win over customers — and the winner is clear

We tried both McDonald's and Starbucks' mobile apps. Here's who's winning one of the most important battles in fast food.
The Market Salad from Chick-fil-A was easy to make vegan.

I tried to eat only vegan fast food for a week — and my failure revealed one of the industry’s biggest mistakes

I tried to survive on the vegan offerings from fast-food chains, but it was impossible to find options that were filling and nutritious enough.
McDonald's Szechuan sauce is back.

McDonald’s stock drops after an employee infected with hepatitis A reportedly sparks an investigation

McDonald's stock dropped on Thursday after a reported investigation of an employee who was infected with hepatitis A.
McDonald's has Ray Dalio to thank in part for the creation of Chicken McNuggets.

The founder of the world’s largest hedge fund played a key role in helping McDonald’s launch the McNugget

Before investor Ray Dalio's Bridgewater became the world's largest hedge fund, he made history in another way: helping McDonald's mastermind the McNugget launch

We tried fried-fish sandwiches from every major fast-food chain — and the winner is clear

We decided to taste test fish sandwiches from seven major chains to find out which fishwich is the best.

We ordered from McDonald’s kiosks to see if they’re better than real cashiers — and the winner is clear

Kiosks have increased accuracy and efficiency for fast-food chains. But are kiosks better for customers to use?