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Trump’s bizarre McDonald’s order just got even weirder

President Trump eats McDonald's burgers without the buns, according to his former campaign aide, Corey Lewandowski.

McDonald’s has a new Dollar Menu — here’s everything that’s on it

McDonald's new Dollar Menu is going to be revolutionary for bargain shoppers. Here's what items are about to get cheaper.
Donald Trump.

Trump’s former campaign manager explains his 2,400-calorie McDonald’s order and compares him to ‘an amazing professional athleteR...

Corey Lewandowski said Trump's McDonald's orders were a product of the then-candidate having a "routine" similar to "an amazing professional athlete."
$1 breakfast items from Taco Bell.

Taco Bell and McDonald’s are gearing up for a cutthroat battle of the fast-food dollar menus

Good news bargain shoppers: the dollar menu is making a comeback, with Taco Bell and McDonald's doubling down on value.
This was a lot to eat in one sitting.

I ate Trump’s absurd, 2,430-calorie McDonald’s order — and it was even worse than I imagined

A new book outlines Trump's favorite McDonald's order, and I decided to try it. It was a lot to eat in one sitting.

Trump’s McDonald’s order packs a whopping 2,500 calories — here’s what he gets

President Donald Trump has a giant appetite for McDonald's.
Chris Christie.

Trump once reportedly abandoned an aide at McDonald’s because his burger order took too long

Two Trump's former top campaign aides claim that the then-Republican candidate once abandoned an aide at a McDonald's because his order was taking too long.
Donald Trump.

The Trump campaign’s ‘4 major food groups’ while traveling were reportedly McDonald’s, KFC, pizza, and Diet Coke

President Donald Trump's fast-food diet during his 2016 election run is a major theme of an upcoming tell-all book about the presidential campaign.

A report found that fine-dining restaurants have 132 times as much bacteria as fast-food chains

President Donald Trump seems to be right about one thing — fast-food locations are less likely to have bacteria than fine-dining restaurants.