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Goodfellow is full of surprises.

Target is attracting guys to its stores with a trendy new clothing brand — here’s what I thought of it

Target has a new men's clothing line called Goodfellow. I visited a New York City Target store to see what it's like.

12 gifts the modern gentleman actually wants this year

From a watch that will last for years to his new favorite sweater, these are 12 items he didn't even know he wanted.
Prince Harry even wore a bracelet to his engagement announcement photo opp.

Prince Harry is never seen without his characteristic beaded bracelets — and there’s a good reason why

Prince Harry has rarely been seen without his bracelets since his mother, Princess Diana, died.

The best watches at every price point

It doesn't matter if you're willing to spend $500 or $5,000 — everyone wants to get the best timepiece they can afford.

9 classic men’s style rules you still have to follow

There are some men's style rules you just don't break.

22 clothing items every man should own before he turns 30

We've rounded up 22 of the most important essentials that every guy should have by the time he turns the big three-oh.
Obama's suit has become his uniform.

Obama has adopted a new uniform — and it clearly shows his post-White House intentions

With a clean, black suit, pressed white shirt, and no tie, Obama is making his intentions known.

Someone Photoshopped Donald Trump with ‘normal hair’ — and the difference is striking

Trump would look much more his 71 years with age-appropriate hair.
Customers are angry at Combatant Gentlemen for failing to deliver their goods in a timely manner.

A men’s clothing startup once favored by Wall Streeters was accused of failing to deliver on its promises — and now everything is out of s...

Combatant Gentlemen now has nothing to sell on its website as the CEO says the company is focused on existing orders.
Hims wants to take out all the pain points of taking care of men's most sensitive issues.

This new men’s wellness startup wants to mail you everything you need to stop hair loss

Hims is a new men's wellness brand that wants to cure men's biggest anxieties, starting with hair loss.