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Tony Robbins, pictured, says he agrees with the #MeToo movement's message of "empowerment through empathy."

Tony Robbins has apologized for saying women use the #MeToo movement to ‘get significance and certainty by attacking and destroying someone else...

Tony Robbins, world-renowned performance coach, apologized for his remarks at an event in March, about women using the #MeToo movement to gain significance.
Walmart is removing Cosmopolitan magazines from the shelves in check-out aisles.

Walmart is pulling Cosmopolitan from checkout lines in response to #MeToo — but it’s an embarrassing perversion of the movement

Walmart is pulling Cosmopolitan — a magazine for women that's primarily staffed by women — from its checkout lines in response to the #MeToo movement.
Lucio Lanza, founder of Lanza Tech Ventures

The 29-year-old startup founder who accused a 73-year-old Silicon Valley investor of sexually assaulting her on a red-eye flight says ‘multiple&...

29-year-old Danae Vachata filed a lawsuit in February alleging that investor Lucio Lanza sexually assaulted her. Now, she says, more women are coming forward.
Kobe Bryant rebounded from rape accusations to win two more NBA titles and earn countless dollars both on and off the court.

Oscar nomination for Kobe Bryant is under fire in the wake of the #MeToo movement

The criticism centers around the sexual assault accusations Bryant faced in 2003. He was never charged with a crime but settled a civil suit out of court.
Monica Lewinsky

Monica Lewinsky says the #MeToo movement has caused her to question the issue of consent in her affair with Clinton

Monica Lewinsky wrote in a new essay for Vanity Fair that the #MeToo movement has caused her to question whether her affair with Clinton was consensual.
Upton took to social media to accuse Paul Marciano, a co-founder of Guess, of sexual misconduct.

Guess cofounder will step aside as the company investigates Kate Upton’s allegations of sexual misconduct

Paul Marciano will relinquish his day-to-day responsibilities at Guess as the company investigates sexual misconduct claims that have been made against him.

China’s #MeToo movement changes its slogan to ‘Rice Bunny’ to avoid strict censorship

The name change comes from the Chinese words for rice, mi, and bunny, tu.

Uma Thurman finally unloads on Harvey Weinstein and Quentin Tarantino in a harrowing account

Uma Thurman accused Harvey Weinstein of trying to assault her and threatening to derail her career, and Quentin Tarantino of endangering her life.
Carrot cofounder Mike Germano

At Vice Media’s once high-flying ad agency Carrot, a founder is out and insiders describe a hostile culture toward women

Current and former employees at Vice Media's Carrot described a workplace that, they said, was littered with sexism and misogyny.
"Hylas and the Nymps," a painting by the artist John William Waterhouse.

An art gallery took down a Victorian painting featuring topless women as a response to the #MeToo movement

Manchester Art Gallery took down 'Hylas and the Nymphs' by John William Waterhouse last week.