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Rare polar blue ice has come to the shores of the Great Lakes — and it’s stunning photographers

Photographers at Michigan's Great Lakes were in for a rare treat as bold blue ice burst into light this week.

Billionaire Betsy Devos is the richest member of Trump’s cabinet — and most of her wealth came from a company that has been called a ̵...

US Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is a prominent figure in Michigan politics, and a billionaire GOP donor.

A Michigan man is facing federal charges over threats of a mass shooting at CNN headquarters

Brandon Griesemer is accused of calling in the threats from Michigan, according to the local CBS affiliate in Atlanta.

Researchers are worried that a brain illness known as ‘zombie deer’ disease may start infecting humans

Researchers have warned about the possibility that chronic wasting disease, which is like mad cow disease, could spread to humans who eat infected deer.

John Conyers announces early retirement amid bevy of sexual-harassment allegations

Michigan Rep. John Conyers announced that he is retiring on Tuesday amid several sexual harassment claims against him.

Ethics Committee launches investigation into sexual misconduct allegations against longtime Democratic congressman

Rep. John Conyers settled a wrongful dismissal complaint in 2015 with a former employee.

Jim Harbaugh’s incredible Halloween story shows how insanely competitive he is in all areas of life

Teaching his kids how to "win" the most candy on Halloween is just par for the course in Harbaugh's world.
General Motors Corp.'s world headquarters is seen along the Detroit River in Detroit, Michigan.

Cisco looks to Detroit to pilot its connected roadway project for autonomous vehicles

The Silicon Valley giant is partnering with the state of Michigan on a digital acceleration project.