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BAE Systems' newest drone; the MAGMA

BAE’s newest drone uses jets of air to maneuver — and it could revolutionize aviation

BAE's MAGMA drone doesn't use flaps and ailerons to stay in the sky or change direction. Instead, it uses new technology that could revolutionize aviation.
An Airman with the 130th Airlift Wing returns from an overseas deployment in support of Operation Inherent Resolve to McLaughlin Air National Guard Base, Charleston, W.Va. on Nov. 4, 2017.

It’s the 381st birthday of the National Guard — inspiring photos show how they protect the US at home and abroad

The National Guard has fought in every American war since 1636. Today we celebrate the creation of a force that does so much for the United States.
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un (2nd L) watches a basketball game between former U.S. NBA basketball players and North Korean players of the Hwaebul team of the DPRK with Dennis Rodman (R) at Pyongyang Indoor Stadium in this undated photo released by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) in Pyongyang January 9, 2014.

Dennis Rodman wants to be Trump’s peace envoy to North Korea

The former professional basketball player turned aspiring diplomat claims he knows what Kim Kong Un wants, and that "It’s not even that much."

How Area 51 became the center of alien conspiracy theories

The remote military base in the Nevada desert has a lot of history, and has been associated with aliens almost since its inception.

Trump administration backtracks on cuts to program helping homeless veterans after outrage

Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin said last week that the VA would end one of its two veterans' homeless programs.

IAN BREMMER ON NORTH KOREA: Trump could either start a war or win a Nobel Peace Prize

Geopolitical analyst Ian Bremmer explains how North Korea is more capable and dangerous now than it has been in recent memory.

These are the fighter jets and military planes being used in the US and South Korea’s massive air drills

The exercise, dubbed "Vigilant Ace," will last five days, involve 230 warplanes, and include approximately 12,000 personnel.

The Bosnian War general who died after his war-crimes trial drank cyanide in court

Bosnian War general Slobodan Praljak died of a heart attack after drinking cyanide as his conviction and sentence for war crimes.
The "Typhoon" being launched during a ceremony at the Pella Shipyard in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Russia’s new missile laden-ships are impressive, but shouldn’t keep NATO commanders awake at night

The Karakurt-class corvette is a good investment for Russia and "can hold most of Europe at risk with cruise missiles."

The horrifying story behind the Bosnian War general who died after drinking poison in a war-crimes trial

Slobodan Praljak's charges centered on the rape, murder, and ethnic cleansing of Bosnian Muslims.