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Over half a dozen residents of this San Francisco ‘castle’ have become bitcoin millionaires — take a look inside

Young bitcoin millionaires are living together in a San Francisco house known as the Crypto Castle.

Forget New York — millennials are flocking to 10 US cities to get a job, buy a home, and start a life

Trulia predicts several housing markets in Texas, including San Antonio and Austin, will heat up in 2018.

Millions of millennials don’t want gifts this holiday season — the reality is much sadder

A new survey indicates nearly 70% of Americans, including many millennials, would prefer loan repayments for their student debt than gifts this holiday season.

Meet Generation Z, the ‘millennials on steroids’ who could lead the charge for change in the US

Generation Z is tech-savvy, inclusive, and not so different from the millennial generation that precedes it, finds research from 747 Insights and Collaborata.

The housing inventory crisis is keeping older millennials stuck with their parents

There's an important split in which US millennials are moving out of their parents' homes.

Forget New York — millennials are flocking to these 11 US cities in droves

The list of places with booming millennial populations includes some surprising cities and small towns.

15 Black Friday deals on travel, concerts, and other things millennials actually want to buy

Research shows that spending money on experiences makes you happier than spending money on things.
Finally, they have a place to fit in.

There’s a term for people born in the early 80s who don’t feel like a millennial or a Gen X-er — here’s everything we know

Xennials are a "micro-generation," sandwiched in between Generations X and Y. Here are some key facts about this demographic's mindset.
Farm life isn't what it used to be.

Millennials are abandoning the suburbs for a new kind of neighborhood — see inside

So-called agrihoods combine the amenities of a rural farm with the convenience of a modern, metropolitan neighborhood.