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Conservative megadonors are pushing lawmakers to support DACA recipients and the border wall as part of the $1.3 trillion spending bill

Three groups backed by the Koch brothers pushed for funding for border security and protections for DACA recipients in the omnibus spending package.
Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi dismisses candidates distancing themselves from her: ‘I have a strong following in the country’

Nancy Pelosi shrugged off the Democratic candidates distancing themselves from her as not a significant factor in congressional races.

Democrats say that if they want to take back control of Congress, their candidates need to be able to break with the base

Democrats want breathing room for their candidates to break with both leadership and the base if they want to continue to win in moderate districts.

Democrats have a clear path to retaking the House if 4 things fall into place

Pollsters and political strategists in both parties are predicting that Republicans will lose their majority in the US House this fall.
Nancy Pelosi.

Democrats are scrambling for a cohesive message to counter the rising popularity of the GOP tax law

Democrats are trying to figure out their messaging to counter the Republican tax law's gaining popularity.
Sen. Rand Paul

‘It doesn’t make any damn sense’: The latest, short-lived shutdown was a bizarre, avoidable fight

The short-lived government shutdown was the result of completely avoidable missteps.

Congress passes massive budget deal before sunrise to end government shutdown

Congress passed a bipartisan budget deal in the early hours of the day on Friday, ending a government shutdown that lasted just a few hours.
House Speaker Paul Ryan, Senate Majority Mitch McConnell, and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer

Senate approves short-term government funding bill after a brief midnight shutdown

The massive budget deal is being held up just hours before the federal government is set to enter a partial shutdown.

Top House Democrats just threw an unexpected curveball into the government-shutdown fight

House Democrats have reversed course and started whipping members to vote against the bipartisan budget deal to fund the government.
Nancy Pelosi.

Nancy Pelosi’s marathon House floor speech looks like it was mostly for show

Democrats were not aggressively whipping votes to align with Nancy Pelosi's demands on the House floor.