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An illustration of NASA's Kepler space telescope.

The NASA spacecraft that discovered almost every Earth-like planet we know about is about to die

NASA's Kepler space telescope was first launched in 2009 to survey parts of the Milky Way galaxy, searching for Earth-size and smaller planets.
NASA astronaut Nicole Stott says after completing a tethered space walk, she gets why her mom was freaked out about her being in space.

‘Holy shite, what am I seeing out here?’: 7 astronauts reveal what it really feels like to live in space

Fewer than 540 people have ever left this planet. We asked seven astronauts what the experience of being away from Earth was like on a personal level.

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly thinks we should never have all humans on Earth at the same time ever again

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly lived on the International Space Station during his one-year mission. Before the ISS comes to an end, he hopes for a replacement.
Former NASA astronaut Scott Kelly.

8 weird things that happen to your body if you live in space for a year like Scott Kelly

Astronaut Scott Kelly spent nearly a year in space. To study the effects on the human body, NASA compared him to his identical twin brother, Mark Kelly.
NASA astronaut Scott Kelly's year in space changed him.

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly shared what it was REALLY like to live in space for a year

Astronaut Scott Kelly shared some of the strangest, most interesting details about floating around the International Space Station for a year.
Jupiter is still revealing its secrets to scientists.

New images of Jupiter reveal clusters of giant cyclones unlike anything else in our solar system

Scientists discovered tightly packed clusters of cyclones on Jupiter's poles that seem to defy the laws of physics.
The last photo of "Starman" in Elon Musk's red Tesla Roadster as it flies toward Mars orbit. Earth is the bright crescent seen in the background.

NASA’s new planetary protection officer says she doesn’t want ‘another red Roadster up there in orbit’

NASA Planetary Protection Officer Lisa Pratt is worried about Elon Musk having sent a Roadster into orbit.
NASA is modifying and testing space shuttle engines for use on its new Space Launch System mega-rocket.

NASA just fired an old space shuttle engine at ‘113% thrust’ — and plans to use it on a new mega-rocket

The space agency is modifying old space shuttle engines for use on SLS, a 321-foot-tall mega-rocket that might send astronauts to the moon and Mars.
Retired NASA astronaut Scott Kelly said that spending time looking at planet Earth from the International Space Station changed his perspective on humanity.

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly on his poor grades in school, his biggest fear when he’s away from Earth, and how SpaceX fits into the future of inte...

Scott Kelly, retired NASA astronaut, talks about growing up with his identical twin and fellow former astronaut Mark, and his record-breaking year-long mission.

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly explains how seeing planet Earth from space changed his perspective on life

Retired NASA astronaut Scott Kelly said that studying the entirety of Earth aboard the International Space Station made him a more empathetic person.