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Russian President Vladimir Putin leaves the submarine Archangelsk as the crew salutes, in port at Severmorsk, February 17, 2004.

Russia says it snuck nuclear attack submarines near US bases undetected

Russia's military power remains one of its few lifelines to national prestige and this could be a propaganda ploy.
The majority of presidents have served in the military in some capacity. John F. Kennedy (right) with crew during World War II.

29 American presidents who served in the military

Out of the 44 presidents — also commanders-in-chief of the US military — more than half had some military experience. Not all saw active combat.
Crew members onboard China's Navy frigate, Huangshan wave during the inaugural maritime review along the strait near Changi Naval Base in Singapore on May 15, 2017.

China wants to start testing drone ships in the South China Sea

The project will be China's main base for unmanned ship technology and could become the largest project of its kind.

San Francisco’s housing shortage is so bad that an $8 billion development is rising on a former nuclear test site — here’s what it&#...

These photos show the abandoned buildings at the San Francisco Naval Shipyard, home of a future housing development.
Secretary of the Navy Richard V. Spencer speaks with Marines and sailors assigned to Task Force Southwest at Camp Shorab, Afghanistan, December 23, 2017.

Top civilian Navy official draws fire after image of him carrying a weapon in a combat zone surfaces online

Navy Secretary Richard V. Spencer is seen in a photo with a holstered sidearm. It drew some concern, due to his civilian status.

78 years ago, the British won a surprise victory over Nazi Germany in the first major naval battle of World War II

The Allies faced a bleak outlook in the early days of World War II, but a naval victory thousands of miles away from Europe boosted spirits at home.
The Mahan-class destroyer USS Shaw explodes in the background after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

The Navy made incredible photos to show present-day Pearl Harbor compared with the day of the attack

The Navy has remembered the "day of infamy" with a series of photo illustrations overlaying scenes from that horrifying date with present-day photos.
The "Typhoon" being launched during a ceremony at the Pella Shipyard in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Russia’s new missile laden-ships are impressive, but shouldn’t keep NATO commanders awake at night

The Karakurt-class corvette is a good investment for Russia and "can hold most of Europe at risk with cruise missiles."