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North Koreans have something new to watch, according to reports.

North Korea reportedly just launched its own version of Netflix — but there’s a catch

North Korea's creation of a Netflix-like app comes after smartphones have become widespread in the country, but only with a sinister catch.

6 new Netflix original shows got trashed by critics in 2017 — here’s the list

From the Naomi Watts-led series "Gypsy" to Marvel's "Iron Fist," Netflix had a handful of new series that critics tore apart.
Eric Olson in "Wormwood."

Errol Morris talks about teaming up with Netflix to delve into the LSD-laced mystery of a CIA scientist’s death

With the true crime at an all-time high, Netflix has teamed with the master of the genre, Errol Morris, to make "Wormwood."

‘The fight isn’t over’: Tech erupts after the FCC’s vote to kill net neutrality

The tech world reacted to the FCC's Thursday decision to repeal net neutrality with disappointment and vowed to continue the fight to keep the Internet open.
"Big Little Lies."

The 13 best new TV characters of the year — from Offred to Celeste Wright

This year saw an amazing number of female characters, and performances from women on television.
Kylo Ren

Disney is spending $52.4 billion to arm itself for a war with Netflix

BI Prime: Disney wants Fox to help battle Netflix in the war for all the media marbles. The company wants to position itself to win in a streaming-centric world.
Joel Edgerton and Will Smith in "Bright."

Netflix’s content boss listed 5 big upcoming Netflix originals you should be excited for

From Will Smith's "Bright" to a series starring Jonah Hill and Emma Stone, these are the Netflix originals that content boss Ted Sarandos is looking forward to.
"American Vandal."

Netflix shared its 10 most binge-watched shows of 2017

From "American Vandal" to "Riverdale," Netflix lists the 10 series that users "devoured" by watching them for more than two hours per day.