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Don McGahn, one of Trump's lawyers.

Trump is feuding with The New York Times over their report that he’s considering hiring Clinton’s impeachment lawyer

President Donald Trump once again referred to the "failing New York Times" in a pair of tweets about a story on his alleged gripes with his lawyers.
The New York Times headquarters.

Here’s how liberal or conservative consumers of major news outlets are

A new report found that major American online news outlets have more politically polarized audiences than their counterparts in any other country.
Anthony Scaramucci.

There’s been a new twist in a controversial CNN story that led to the firing of 3 journalists last year

Three CNN journalists were fired over a story the network said did not meet editorial guidelines. NYT has now confirmed key details from the story.

San Francisco is losing more residents than any other city in the US, creating a shortage of U-Hauls that puts a rental at $2,000 just to move to Las ...

The sky-high rent and cost of living that we’ve come to expect from the Bay Area might have finally taken their toll on a large number of residents.
It's not just about falling out of love.

The tale of two exes whose intense work schedules contributed to their divorce is a cautionary tale for any modern couple

Two exes who owned a bakery together were stressed out over their grueling schedules. Research suggests work stress is a common reason for divorce.
President Donald Trump speaks with his son Donald Trump Jr. in January 2017.

Trump’s oldest son said a decade ago that a lot of the family’s assets came from Russia

A decade-old quote from Donald Trump Jr. resurfaced in a New York Times column over the weekend.
A New York Times senior opinion editor wants this woman to be wearing sweatpants.

The New York Times published an op-ed slamming yoga pants — and people are furious

The New York Times published an op-ed arguing that yoga pants are bad for women. Women disagreed.
Quinn Norton.

New York Times hires and fires head opinion writer within 7 hours over her friendship with a Nazi and racist slurs

Twitter users were offended by her friendship with an infamous neo-Nazi who writes for The Daily Stormer, a hacker and internet troll known as "weev."

Uma Thurman’s brutal injury on the ‘Kill Bill’ set shows what happens when a director’s power goes too far, according to a pro...

Uma Thurman claims she wanted a stunt driver to do a "Kill Bill" scene, but director Quentin Tarantino insisted she do it herself.

Powerful New York Times commercial highlights concussion reporting on the eve of the Super Bowl

The new ad from the New York Times' "The Truth is Hard" campaign shows the power that reporting can have in enacting change in the real world.