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Look inside a newly unearthed 15th century BC Egyptian tomb full of mummies and relics

A recently unearthed tomb in Egypt contained several mummies, sarcophagi, jewelry, and other relics.

Incredible footage from space shows massive lightning storms in Hurricane Irma

All these flashing yellow dots are lightning storms. They're all part of Hurricane Irma. The storms were tracked by NOAA over a period of 80 hours...

NASA footage shows a ‘potentially catastrophic’ Hurricane Irma that could make landfall in Florida

A week after Hurricane Harvey made landfall, devastating Texas with torrential flooding, meteorologists are now intently focused on Hurricane Irma's dangerous growth and projected path. The...

Hillary Clinton promoted a news website ‘for the 65.8 million’ — here’s what its founder says it’s all about

The 65.8 million that Verrit references are voters who chose Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. She won the popular vote by nearly 3 million ballots.

Sean Spicer tells the media he’s ‘proud to have worked with each and every one of you’ in farewell email

Sean Spicer says he's "proud" to have worked with the White House press after a combative and often blundering term as press secretary.

Watch the US Navy shoot down a medium-range missile in its latest test after North Korea launched a missile over Japan

The US Navy successfully intercepted a medium-range missile in a test following North Korea's launch of a missile over Japan.

Uber’s pick for its new CEO is the head of Expedia and an Iranian refugee who has criticized Trump

Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has been chosen as the new CEO of Uber following the ousting of Travis Kalanick earlier this year, amid a...

Pence attacks the media for focusing on Trump’s failure to condemn white supremacists

Vice President Mike Pence echoed President Donald Trump's response to the protests in Charlottesville over the weekend and criticized the media's response.

‘They print pretty much whatever they want’: Ex-Sputnik reporter describes his time at Russia’s ‘most dangerous’ news outlet

A former reporter for a Russia state-owned news outlet, Sputnik, left the publication earlier this year.