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It cost the Redskins a fortune to trade up for Robert Griffin III in 2012, a deal that didn't work out well for Washington.

Trading up in the NFL Draft for a QB is a huge risk — here’s how it has worked in the past

Trading up in the NFL Draft is can be a costly endeavor — but for the teams that it works out for, it's well worth the investment.

A 29-year-old NFL veteran wrote Roger Goodell urging the NFL to adopt the business crash course that changed his life

Spencer Paysinger was one of 29 NFL players to take part in the ATU business combine, and he said is no longer afraid of retirement.
Teddy Bridgewater in action for the Vikings.

Quarterback who suffered gruesome knee injury signed what looks like a brutal contract with the Jets

Teddy Bridgewater's injury has cost him two seasons and, now, probably millions of dollars as well.

Inside the most inspirational group text in the NFL and how it got started

A group text message started to relay logistics for the ATU business combine took a life of its own and become the bond for 29 NFL players.

The 30 biggest sports stadiums in the world, ranked by crowd capacity

There's nothing like the atmosphere of a packed sports stadium; but it's even better when it's one of the biggest in the world.
The New York Jets will hopefully get their quarterback of the future with the third overall pick in the NFL Draft.

The Jets traded a king’s ransom worth of picks to move up 3 spots in the NFL Draft — and experts are split on the move

The New York Jets sent a boatload of picks to the Colts in order to move into position to select a quarterback with the third overall pick in the NFL Draft.
Eric Reid and Colin Kaepernick kneeling in protest of systemic racism.

NFL free agent believes he remains unsigned because he protested with Colin Kaepernick

Reid has been a vocal supporter of Colin Kaepernick's protests against racism, and now it looks like he's getting the Kaepernick treatment from the NFL.

Take a look at the massive, sleek $2.6 billion stadium the Rams and Chargers will call home

The LA Stadium will host Chargers and Rams games and comes with retail and residential space.

Rare video shows Colin Kaepernick is still working out and hoping for another shot in the NFL

Colin Kaepernick remains unsigned but is staying ready for a second chance in the NFL.