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The rest of the world isn't impressed.

11 American work habits other countries avoid at all costs

Americans work long hours, eat lunch at their desks, and do plenty of other things employees in other countries can't stand.

5 things that make Canada a very different place to work than the US

The United States and Canada are next-door neighbors, but there are some major differences in how the two nations conduct business.

6 unfamiliar office rules other countries swear by — but Americans just don’t understand

From having your company measure your waistline to conducting business in the sauna, these practices are foreign to the American worker.
One of the new tree houses.

Microsoft employees can now work from tree houses

Being outside can relieve stress and spark creativity, so Microsoft is building out a network of outdoor work spaces.

A Stanford professor says, at the rate things are going, workplaces will only get more toxic in the future

Robert Sutton, a professor of management at Stanford University, says that workplace environments will likely continue to get more contentious.

We went to Etsy’s luxurious office and saw why it’s one of the most celebrated in the world

The office is filled with toxin-free paint, salvaged wood, and furnishings purchased from Etsy sellers.

This Chrome extension will call your phone to help you avoid annoying coworkers

Created by workspace rental app Breather, the Nope button will call your phone so you have an excuse to step away.

Top exec at the world’s largest hedge fund says to understand its unique culture, look to a basketball game

Bridgewater Associates co-CIO Bob Prince says a simple way to understand how they run their company is to think of a basketball team.