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Jenn Hyman, CEO and co-founder of Rent the Runway.

Rent the Runway just got an infusion of cash from Alibaba founder Jack Ma — see inside the office of the startup that is revolutionizing fashion...

Rent the Runway's nearly 40,000-square-foot space is adorned in pink wallpaper and has lots of perks for employees.
Staff of The Wing

The exclusive no-men-allowed club that raised $32 million from investors like WeWork just opened a brand new location — take a look inside

The Wing is a club and co-working space for women with over 1,500 members and a huge waitlist.
Check out our new office.

Take a tour of the brand new global headquarters of Insider Inc., steps away from Wall Street

The global headquarters of Insider Inc., which includes Business Insider, INSIDER, Markets Insider, and BI Intelligence, is in Manhattan's Financial District.

Take an inside look at the offices of Facebook, PayPal, Twitter, and 11 more high-profile employers

Here's a look inside the offices of Facebook, LinkedIn, Uber, Spotify, Kickstarter, Etsy, Twitter, Adobe, and more.

A preppy apparel startup is defying J. Crew’s curse and dominating the millennial market

Everlane, a direct-to-consumer fashion label, is taking on middle-of-the-mall legacy brands.
Employees at this Google-created tech incubator can hide away in fancy nap pods and enjoy food from around the world.

Inside the offices of Jigsaw, an elite think tank created by Google where employees sample food from around the world and take naps in rooms named Nar...

Business Insider visited the New York City office of Jigsaw, a Google-founded geopolitically-focused tech incubator that's now a subsidiary of Alphabet.

Inside the New York City offices of $45 billion hedge-fund firm Two Sigma

What do you picture when you imagine a hedge-fund office? Bloomberg screens and noisy trading floors? Hedge-fund guys in fleece vests?