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Theresa May's Brexit 'war cabinet'

Theresa May’s attempt to please everybody on Brexit will end up pleasing nobody

The prime minister's latest attempt at Brexit compromise has resolved none of the big dilemmas facing the government.

Tesla and SpaceX are already starting to merge — here’s how

OPINION: The Falcon Heavy launch with the Roadster payload shows that Tesla and SpaceX aren't such separate entities anymore
Salon Media Group CEO Jordan Hoffner.

Salon has every right to hijack your laptop to mine cryptocurrency while you read it

The scheme only affects people who try to read Salon with an adblocker on.
The HomePod.

I’m not buying Apple’s HomePod for two main reasons

Apple's got a totally new product in the HomePod. But is it worth your money?

A car ad in space finally brought the country together

SpaceX launched a Tesla into space on its Falcon Heavy Rocket and for a moment, this divided country was finally cheering for the same team together.

US ballistic missile defense just doesn’t work — but we keep spending billions and billions on it

The US has spent more than $40 billion on missile defense projects over the last 15 years, and has no real credible capability to show for it.

We’re living in a Golden Age — and it’s scaring the hell out of everybody

No one I talked to thinks this is going to last.

Theresa May seems to have brought Donald Trump to heel

The British prime minister has secured a rare political surrender from the US president.
New York City buses are often cleaner and more comfortable than subway cars.

I’ve used NYC buses to get around for nearly 2 years — and I’m convinced it’s way better than the subway

The bus is cleaner, less crowded, and less prone to unexplained delays than the subway.