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A supporter holds cut-outs of Conor Lamb's face.

Democrats’ unlikely victory in Pennsylvania has provided them with a roadmap for taking back Congress

Democratic strategists say Conor Lamb's upset victory in Pennsylvania this week shows the party needs to run authentic, independent candidates — everywhere.

Democrats say that if they want to take back control of Congress, their candidates need to be able to break with the base

Democrats want breathing room for their candidates to break with both leadership and the base if they want to continue to win in moderate districts.

Trump lashes out at media, Democrats, drug dealers, Oprah in rambunctious speech in Pennsylvania

President Donald Trump gave a raucous, freewheeling speech in Pennsylvania on Saturday, in which he railed against some of his favorite targets, one by one.

Democrats have a clear path to retaking the House if 4 things fall into place

Pollsters and political strategists in both parties are predicting that Republicans will lose their majority in the US House this fall.
Voters leave a polling station after casting their votes during the presidential election in Olmsted Falls Ohio.

This Pennsylvania congressional district looks like ‘Goofy kicking Donald Duck’

Voters in a Pennsylvania House district have nicknamed the shape of their congressional boundary "Goofy kicking Donald Duck."

GOP congressman says he didn’t harass a young female staffer but thought they were ‘soul mates’

The aide alleged that Meehan grew hostile after she became involved with another man.

Trump went to Pittsburgh to fire his initial salvo in the most important political race so far in 2018

Trump fired his opening salvo in what amounts to the biggest political race of early 2018 — a special congressional election in a Republican Pennsylvania district.

Trump’s former drug czar nominee is hitting back at allegations stemming from an explosive ’60 Minutes’ investigation

Rep. Tom Marino of Pennsylvania issued a statement and called the controversy surrounding his nomination a "distraction."

Hillary Clinton disputes one of the most common critiques of her campaign in her new book

Hillary Clinton addressed one of the most common critiques of her campaign: That she didn't put forth enough effort in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.