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A ‘planet parade’ is coming Thursday morning, when Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, and Pluto will line up — here’s how to see it

Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, and Pluto will all line up in the pre-dawn sky on March 8, with the moon lining up between Jupiter and Mars in the early morning.

A new NASA video shows Pluto in exquisite detail

NASA has used data and photos from the New Horizon spacecraft to recreate the most detailed views of Pluto

Thousands of worlds may lurk beyond Pluto — and a stunning new animation shows the ones we’ve found

Pluto is just an icy appetizer for dwarf planets that may exist in the Kuiper Belt.

Pluto is hiding a gigantic liquid ocean you would never, ever want to swim in

Pluto the dwarf planet may hide a very large subsurface ocean, but it's probably no safe haven for life.

Earth has shockingly little water and ice compared to these ocean worlds

Most water in the solar system isn't on Earth. Here's how the amount of liquid water and ice on other planets and moons compares to our world.

A comet strike on Pluto hints it may be hiding a giant, habitable ocean

Pluto the dwarf planet and enigmatic ice ball is probably hiding a very big subsurface ocean, two new studies of a giant comet impact site reveal.

Pluto might be hiding a vast liquid ocean beneath its icy surface

A paper published in Geophysical Research Letters suggests that Pluto might have a subsurface, liquid water ocean.