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Florida police failed to unlock phone using a dead man’s finger — but corpses may still help in hacking handsets

Police in Largo, Florida, went to a funeral home to press a dead man's finger against his phone in a failed attempt to unlock the handset.

China is obsessed with stopping jaywalkers — and is now spraying them with water

The bright yellow bollards politely remind pedestrians that "crossing is dangerous" and use facial recognition techn to shame jaywalkers on a public screen.
A viral video shows Philadelphia police arresting two black men inside a Starbucks, as witnesses protest that the men "didn't do anything."

Starbucks CEO apologizes to the 2 black men arrested in a Philadelphia store, says he wants to meet with them ‘face-to-face’

Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson apologized to the two black men arrested in a Philadelphia store, saying that videos of the incident were "very hard to watch."
A viral video showed police arresting two black men at a Philadelphia Starbucks store, as bystanders protested that they "didn't do anything."

Starbucks apologizes after viral video shows cops in a Philadelphia store arresting 2 black men who witnesses say ‘didn’t do anything̵...

Starbucks faced intense backlash on Saturday after a viral video showed police arresting two black men in a Philadelphia store. The coffee giant apologized.

Conor McGregor charged with 3 counts of assault after bizarre attack on UFC press event

The New York Police Department has formally charged Conor McGregor over Thursday's shock attack on a UFC team bus.

A YouTube engineer attempted to escape the shooting on his electric skateboard — and sped right into the crime scene

Zachary Vorhies, a senior software engineer at YouTube, jumped on his electric skateboard and found himself at the scene of the shooting on Tuesday.
One woman intentionally got arrested so she could quit smoking cigarettes in jail.

Some people get arrested on purpose so they can go to jail — and their reasons range from sad, to nefarious, to political

Some people want to go to jail to kick drug habits, find medical care, or prove a political point. Here are some times people have been arrested on purpose.

Terrified Austin residents have placed 150 calls to police about suspicious packages after three blasts rocked the city

People in Austin are understandably on edge after bombs killed two people and injured two others this month.