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Donald Trump Jr.’s wife once called Trump the R-word after he introduced them twice in one night

President Donald Trump introduced his son Donald Trump Jr. to his future wife, Vanessa — but the ex-model did not take kindly to the introduction at the time.
Schwarzman and Trump

China just made this trade war very personal

OPINION: If China wants to send the White House a message, Steve Schwarzman is one way to do it.

Friendless and useless, Rex Tillerson couldn’t take the hint. But could his successor be even worse?

Opinion: Rex Tillerson stayed in a job where nobody liked him for 14 months because his boss doesn't like firing people.
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump shakes hands with Ben Carson as he attends a church service in Detroit, Michigan, U.S., September 3, 2016.

The problems with Trump’s scandal-ridden Cabinet start right at the top

"Even if it is legal, does not mean you should do it" says a White House document obtained by CNN. But the president's behavior says differently.
House Speaker Paul Ryan

Trump is giving Republicans two horrible options on trade

Opinion: Republicans in Congress don't want President Donald Trump to implement new tariffs on aluminum and steel. They can stop him, but they're not.
Sam Nunberg on MSNBC

Sam Nunberg just taught us a really important lesson about what’s going on in Trump’s head

OPINION: Whether intentionally or unintentionally, Sam Nunberg taught us a lot about how Trump sees the Russia investigation during his media blitz.

Congress can, and should, stop Trump from starting a trade war

Opinion: Republicans, including House Speaker Paul Ryan, have expressed concern about President Donald Trump's threatened trade war. They can stop it.
Trump has a favorite impersonator, and it's not "Alex" Baldwin.

Twitter users are agreeing with Trump that Darrell Hammond’s ‘SNL’ impression was better than Alec Baldwin’s

Many Twitter users are agreeing with President Trump's tweet that Darrell Hammond's "Saturday Night Live" impression of Trump was "funnier" than Alec Baldwin's.

Trump’s trade war is stupid, and it’s bad news for virtually everyone in the US

Opinion: After President Donald Trump's tariff announcement, steel executives are smiling. You shouldn’t be.