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Michael Dell bought the penthouse for more than $100 million in 2014.

Billionaire Michael Dell was just revealed as the mysterious buyer of the most expensive home ever sold in NYC, a $100 million penthouse — see i...

Michael Dell's penthouse in the Manhattan luxury building is the first and only New York apartment sale to surpass $100 million.
Donald Trump.

New analysis provides the clearest picture yet of how Trump’s presidency is affecting his properties

A Tuesday analysis from Realtor.com gave the most definitive look at how President Donald Trump's properties have performed since he he took office last year.
Pedestrians inspect cracks near the sinking Millennium Tower in San Francisco, California.

A 58-story skyscraper in San Francisco is tilting and sinking — and residents say their multimillion-dollar condos are ‘nearly worthless&#...

Millennium Tower is a luxury residential high-rise in San Francisco that has sunk 17 inches and tilted 14 inches. Here's what we know about its fate.
Oprah once owned a condo on Fisher Island.

Tour the mysterious members-only island where America’s millionaires pay $250,000 just to participate

The Vanderbilt family cottages on Fisher Island in Miami, Florida, are available for booking starting at $1,375 a night.
The tiny house fits four bedrooms.

A house narrower than a Tube passenger car is for sale in London for $1.4 million

The tiny house trend has become a global phenomenon. Now, a 7.5-foot-wide home in London is on the market for about $1.4 million.

Google will reportedly buy the New York shopping emporium Chelsea Market for $2 billion

Google has plans to purchase the popular NYC shopping space in April, according to reports.
Ross Bailey, centre, the CEO and founder of Appear Here.

This 25-year-old entrepreneur went from leaving school at 16 to running the ‘Airbnb of retail’

Ross Bailey had the idea for Appear Here while running a pop-up fashion stall in Soho during the London 2012 Olympics.
It's a tough time for Americans to buy a home.

The 15 American cities where competition to buy a home is fiercest

San Francisco and San Jose, California, are the hardest places in America to buy a home right now.
Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates have been neighbors for almost 20 years.

Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates live less than 1 mile from each other — here’s where the rest of Seattle’s billionaires live

Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates live in the ultra-exclusive Seattle suburb of Medina, Washington.

Big investors are valuing homes with a method outlawed for everyone else after the housing crash — and the SEC is asking questions

Broker price opinions are used to value and purchase thousands of homes on the brink of foreclosure.