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Why we knock on wood, and the truth about 7 other common superstitions

The backstories behind some of the most common superstitions are pretty silly, so why do we still do them today?

Why so many people get offended by the phrase ‘Happy holidays’

They're the two words President Donald Trump seems to hate more than any others in the English language.

A Roy Moore campaign spokesman appeared to be speechless when a CNN host said elected officials don’t have to be sworn in on the Christian Bible...

A campaign spokesman for Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore appeared on CNN's "The Lead" in what became an awkward interview with Jake Tapper.
The letter is going up for auction on Dec 12 at Sotheby's along with 70 other science and technology items, including a Nazi code-breaking machine and the 1954 Nobel Prize medal for the polio vaccine.

A private letter from Darwin detailing his doubts about God just sold at auction for $125,000 — here’s what he wrote

The three-page letter from the ailing scientist was auctioned off on Tuesday in New York.

How the ‘Friday the 13th’ superstition got started

The world loses millions of dollars in business every Friday the 13th, but where did this crippling superstition originate?

Whole Foods is selling a cake for a Jewish holiday that is observed by not eating anything

Yom Kippur is a time for repentance and is observed by fasting. In other words, it's not about eating cake.

The engineer at the center of a bombshell Uber lawsuit has founded a religion that worships an AI god

Anthony Levandowski, the engineer at the heart of a lawsuit filed by Waymo against Uber, has reportedly started a new religion.
Do you believe you'll be saved after you die, but don't identify as having a religion? Read on.

There’s a psychological reason why privileged people are more likely to believe in an afterlife

While the number of people who identify as religious has decreased, the number who believe in life after death is on the rise.