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The restaurant is run by Chef Massimo Bottura of Osteria Francescana and "Chef's Table" fame.

Gucci just opened a luxurious complex complete with a museum, boutique, and a restaurant run by a three-Michelin-starred chef — take a look insi...

Gucci Garden is home to a restaurant run by Chef Massimo Bottura of Osteria Francescana and "Chef's Table" fame.
The self-driving pizza delivery vehicle from the Black Mirror episode "Crocodile."

People are freaking out about Toyota’s self-driving vehicle that’s eerily similar to one that hit a pedestrian on ‘Black Mirror̵...

In news that was familiar to "Black Mirror" fans, Toyota and Pizza Hut announced a partnership and suggested that the e-Palette could be used to deliver pizza.
McDonald's is warning customers against eating at dozens of its outlets in India.

McDonald’s issues rare warning against eating at more than 100 of its restaurants in India

McDonald's said there are "serious compliance risks" concerning the safety and quality of the food at 169 restaurants in India.
This is Guy's Big Bite Burger and rojo ring.

Guy Fieri’s massive New York restaurant will close at the end of the year — here’s what it’s like to eat there

Guy's American Kitchen and Bar will close on December 31. Here's what it was like in its glory days.
Donald Trump Jr. poses with Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

Dallas restaurant owner blasts Donald Trump Jr. for ‘racist’ photos with cookie depicting Obama

People called the photo "racist" and "sickening" and threatened to boycott the restaurant where the photos were taken.
No one would stop restaurants from pocketing these tips.

Waiters and bartenders could be forced to hand over their tips under a proposed Trump administration rule

Restaurant servers could see their paychecks take a hit if a newly proposed change to the Fair Labor Standards Act goes through.
Spotted Pig employees said Friedman, pictured on the right, created a hyper-sexualized culture at the restaurant.

One of New York’s most famous restaurateurs is being accused of sexual harassment after throwing wild parties in what became known as ‘the...

Spotted Pig owner Ken Friedman is taking a leave of absence after being accused of sexual harassment.

We spent the day with a professional mushroom-hunter who forages ingredients for top fine-dining restaurants

Foraging is the new frontier among top restaurants. We spent the day with a professional forager to see how he makes a living.

These are the $800 knives that celebrity chefs like Mario Batali swear by

Chelsea Miller started making custom knives in 2011 and has grown her client list to include some of the best chefs in the world.
In-N-Out's owner is a billionaire heiress who knows how to make employees happy.

The reclusive In-N-Out heiress opens up about how she made a fast-food chain one of America’s best places to work

Lynsi Snyder says she listens to her employees, trains managers with flexibility, and provide fun perks that keep associates happy.