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Amazon Prime Now is convenient in the right situations.

I used Amazon’s free 2-hour delivery service while ill — and it’s clear why it’s becoming the brand’s secret weapon in ...

Amazon Prime Now isn't yet an everyday service for me, but it comes in handy when you can't leave the house for whatever reason.

1 out of 5 US homes with wifi now have a smart speaker like the Amazon Echo

Amazon's Echo and other smart speakers are taking off with American consumers.
Amazon's reviews for James Comey's A Higher Loyalty is limited to verified purchasers.

Amazon is limiting reviews on James Comey’s new book — and some people are furious

Amazon is limiting reviews on James Comey's "A Higher Loyalty."
Sears is closing and selling stores.

Sears is closing 24 stores in 17 states — here’s the list

Most stores will begin liquidation sales on April 27.
Wawa's famous toasted sandwich.

Wawa makes history and is voted America’s favorite sandwich shop

The East Coast convenience store chain beat last year's winner Firehouse Subs.
Kim (R), Kourtney (L), and Khloe (C) Kardashian opened their first DASH store in 2006.

Kardashian sisters are the latest victims of America’s retail apocalypse

The Kardashian sisters announced that they would be closing their DASH women's boutiques in Los Angeles and Miami.
One way to save money at Home Depot is to rent power tools that you'll only use once, instead of buying them.

17 tips and tricks for saving money at Home Depot

Home Depot is full of discounts — if you know where to look.
George Hamilton as the Extra Crispy Colonel

KFC is making an unprecedented move to take on Chick-fil-A and McDonald’s

For the first time, the chicken chain is bringing back a retired Colonel Sanders to reprise his role — George Hamilton, playing the Extra Crispy Colonel.

Hong Kong is so expensive that a single parking space just broke a property record

The parking space is being rented for $HK10,000, which is more than some of the city's smaller apartments.
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Jeff Bezos explains why he will never be satisfied with Amazon’s success

Amazon's Jeff Bezos says that he loves that customers are "divinely discontent."