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Robert Mueller.

‘A weapon of desperation’: Trump loyalists are doubling down on a familiar strategy as the Russia probe reaches a boiling point

Former prosecutors and FBI agents push back on growing accusations of bias against special counsel Robert Mueller's team from President Donald Trump's allies.
Robert Mueller

‘He was thrown to the wolves’: Former FBI agents defend ousted Mueller investigator as Trump attacks ‘rigged’ DOJ

Allies of President Donald Trump have been attacking special counsel Robert Mueller's team amid revelations of potential political biases.

Russian operatives reportedly sent introductory emails to Hope Hicks

US officals warned White House communications director Hope Hicks that Russian operatives attempted to reach out to her earlier this year.
Donald Trump Jr.

Here’s the email sent to the Trump campaign with links to stolen emails

Several members of the Trump campaign received an email last September with a link to stolen DNC emails and a decryption key to access them.
Rob Goldstone.

Emails show the man who set up a meeting between the Trump campaign and a Russian lawyer reportedly contacted a Trump staffer afterward

Rob Goldstone, a key player in the scrutinized Trump Tower meeting, reportedly sent follow-up emails to a Trump official and other Russians who attended.
Donald Trump Jr.

Donald Trump Jr.’s attorney-client privilege claim probably won’t work, legal experts say

Lawmakers and legal experts have been deriding Donald Trump Jr.'s claims of attorney-client privilege for a conversation that included the presence of a lawyer.
Rep. Louie Gohmert

A House Republican presented a ‘political test’ to the FBI director that left observers stunned

Republican Rep. Louis Gohmert asked FBI Director Chris Wray about the "political biases" of specific federal agents during an open hearing on Thursday.
Gregg Jarrett on Fox News.

Top Fox News analyst goes off in wild segment about Russia, calls the FBI America’s ‘secret police’ and like ‘the old KGB̵...

Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett went off on the FBI in a tirade about Hillary Clinton, Russia, and Paul Manafort.

This timeline paints the clearest picture we have yet of Russia’s meddling in the US election — and how the Trump campaign reacted

This interactive graphic timeline outlines all the known ties we know so far between members of President Donald Trump's campaign and Russia.