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The digital camera industry saw growth in 2017 for the first time in nearly a decade

Camera sales have been declining for years -- but last year, sales were slightly more promising.

Smartphone sales actually declined slightly in 2017

People aren't buying as many smartphones as they used to.

Apple’s making more money off the iPhone — even as it sold fewer of them

The iPhone X helped boost the average price consumers paid for Apple's smartphones — leading to a revenue surge.

Nintendo Switch is on track to sell 20 million units in 2018

With close to 15 million units sold in the first 10 months, the Nintendo Switch has already outsold the Wii U in its entire five-year lifetime on the market.

Nintendo’s Switch boosted not only the company, but the entire video game industry

Overall game console sales were up big last year, thanks in large part to the Nintendo Switch, the fastest-selling console in history.

PC sales are continuing to slump — fewer are sold now than when the iPhone launched

With smartphones now the center of computing, consumers and businesses don't seem to see as much need to buy or replace PCs.

Retail stocks are rising after a report said last year’s holiday season was ‘better than anything we could have hoped for’

The holiday season wasn't just good for Amazon. Traditional retailers are seeing big upticks Friday.

The PlayStation 4 continues to dominate as the world’s most popular gaming console

PlayStation 4 is nearing 75 million units sold worldwide.

4K televisions are starting to look like the biggest hit among new tech products

Already bringing in far more retail dollars than wearable or any other "emerging tech" gadget, ultra-high definition TV sales look set to grow 14% in 2018.
Here's Mario with a small portion of Nintendo's fortune.

The Nintendo Switch just became the fastest-selling video game console in US history

The Nintendo Switch is, unbelievably, even more popular than the Nintendo Wii.