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The 20 best smartphones in the world

We ranked the best phones you can buy right now, including the Samsung Galaxy S8, Google Pixel, the iPhone 7, OnePlus 5 and more.

Samsung is rolling out an update that will disable the infamous Bixby button on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8

You still can't reconfigure the Bixby button, but at least now you can choose to only have one virtual assistant on your smartphone instead of two.

5 ways Apple’s iPhone X is catching up with Android phones

Android phones have had some of the new iPhone X features for years, but the iPhone X has closed the gap.

The iPhone X has an OLED screen — here’s what OLED is and how it’s different from past iPhones

The iPhone X has a new OLED screen, a technology already used in Samsung and Google phones.

Samsung is betting $300 million on the future of autonomous vehicles

Forget what you know about smartphones and television, Samsung wants to make a name for itself in self-driving cars.

Samsung holds a narrow lead over Sony in the virtual reality race

Virtual reality hasn't taken off yet, but Samsung, Sony, and Facebook are leading the pack.

Apple is totally dependent on Samsung for the iPhone 8

"OLED iPhone panel supply is controlled wholly by Samsung, not Apple," Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst, wrote on Wednesday. Here's what that means for the iPhone 8.

Apple has lost its position as the second-biggest smartphone maker in the world

The Chinese manufacturer is slowly ascending in its mission to overtake Samsung as the top vendor.

One chart shows Apple dominating the smartwatch market

The Apple Watch holds a strong lead over other smartwatch makers.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is an amazing phone that faces its fiercest competition yet

Like its predecessors, the Note 8 packs in the best of what Samsung has to offer.