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A drawing from a Samsung patent application shows the company's vision for a borderless, notchless smartphone.

Samsung wants to best Apple with a notch-free phone

A new patent application shows Samsung's vision for a borderless, notchless smartphones.
The Galaxy S8 smartphone

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 may be released as early as March — here’s everything we know about the phone so far

Here are the most important things to know about the Samsung Galaxy S9 before its rumored launch in March.

AI is coming to TVs – here’s what that will mean

Pretty soon, a smart assistant inside your TV could take the place of your remote control, and artificial intelligence could make the picture look better.
Samsung Galaxy S8 camera app

The Samsung Galaxy S9 retail box may have just leaked — and it seems to reveal the phone’s key features

A recently leaked image of the Galaxy S9 retail box reveals that even its packaging is similar to the Galaxy S8

A feature coming to Samsung smartphones will give users more bragging rights over the iPhone

Samsung is bringing FM radio back as a safety measure on future Galaxy smartphones.
Everyone who bought an iPhone X in November was probably an Apple superfan. Like this guy.

Apple’s delayed iPhone X gave Samsung a massive boost in the UK

The delayed iPhone X gave Samsung a seven-month headstart.

Samsung will reveal the Galaxy S9 in February

Samsung debunked rumors that it would announce the Galaxy S9 at CES this week, saying its launch event will take place during Mobile World Congress next month.

Samsung’s new 146-inch TV called ‘The Wall’ can change sizes

A 4K, HDR, 146-inch TV with a "micro LED" display is a sight to behold.

Samsung’s absurd 146-inch TV is an entire wall — hence its name, ‘The Wall’

And you thought that 65-inch TV you just bought was big? Sorry, friend.
President and CEO of Samsung Electronics North America Tim Baxter.

Samsung is showing off TVs with a new technology called QLED — and it could be a gamechanger

The new tech uses so-called "quantum dots" to overcome the shortcomings of both OLED and LCD screens.