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Scammers are tricking people to log into fake cryptocurrency exchange sites, and they’re incredibly hard to spot

Make sure your computer screen is clean before logging into your favorite cryptocurrency exchange site.
CFTC chairman Christopher Giancarlo.

US finance watchdog warns investors: ‘Beware virtual currency pump-and-dump schemes’

The CFTC has joined fellow US regulators the SEC and FINRA in warning investors to watch out for scams in the cryptocurrency market.

More people are getting sent mysterious Amazon packages they didn’t order — and no one knows exactly what’s going on

Unsolicited Amazon packages carrying everything from USB-powered fans to sex toys keep showing up on people's doorsteps — and everyone is stumped.
Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin complained on Twitter about the number of ways to impersonate him on the website.

Cryptocurrency scams on Twitter are so common, this guy built a tool to help detect fraudsters

After Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin complained about impersonators, Harry Denley looked to JavaScript to stave off scammers.

Why so many spam phone calls come from your area code

Some spam calls can come from numbers that look almost identical to your own phone number.

There’s a WhatsApp scam going round trying to trick people into ‘paying’ for the app

If you just got a message saying your WhatsApp subscription has expired, watch out.

Novo Nordisk has been accused of engaging in a ‘white coat marketing scheme’ to sell diabetes drugs

The government alleges Novo Nordisk disguised sales reps as educators to sell diabetes meds.