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The flu epidemic has hit a milestone that hasn’t happened in over a decade

The flu this season is deadly and rampant. But the epidemic is not unprecedented, and CDC experts say we could be in the worst of it.

Loneliness is deadlier than obesity or smoking — and Britain just took a major step toward prevention

Britain has appointed a new minister of loneliness to battle the ongoing epidemic of loneliness afflicting senior citizens.

See the rescue efforts underway as the treacherous mudslides that have killed 20 people continue ravaging California

Authorities say finding anyone alive in the mudslides now would be a "miracle."

A terrifying animated map shows the spread of this year’s deadly flu across the US

Historical influenza models and data from smart thermometers suggest that we may be reaching peak flu levels of the season. It's been a deadly one so far.
Video shows part of Chinese Long March 3B rocket crashing near homes.

Video shows massive explosion as rocket debris from a Chinese space launch crashes down near houses

Besides falling debris, the flight seems to have succeeded in launching the satellites into orbit.

Bill Gates says investing in cancer therapies could ‘control all infectious disease’

Together with his wife Melinda, the couple has invested billions in companies over the past decade to develop such therapies.

Doctors say they’ve figured out how often you need to work out to offset the effects of sitting all day

A four- to five-day weekly exercise routine, maintained for two years, managed to rewind the effects of decades of sitting for a group of middle-aged Texans.

Taking a lot of ibuprofen could be putting men’s fertility at risk, according to a new study

They could end up with something called "compensated hypogonadism."

For the first time, a major coastal city may run out of water — and ‘Day Zero’ is looming

Cape Town, South Africa, could run out of water in a few months. The mountain-capped city is warning its residents about "the day the taps will be turned off."