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Teenagers who abuse their romantic partners could have alcoholic parents to blame — here’s why

Mothers aren't as warm and attentive to their children if they're worrying about their husband's drinking problem.

6 of the biggest misconceptions about happiness, according to science

Scientists have discovered a number of surprising ways humans mislead themselves in the pursuit of happiness.

The Orionid meteor shower will fly over us this weekend — here’s how to watch it in the UK

The meteors are thought to originate from the constellation Orion.

A relationship psychologist describes 3 ways to strengthen your relationship

Sometimes it's okay to ask for less.

Why paper cuts hurt so much

Paper cuts hurt because they're not a clean cut. Learn more on why they hurt and how to treat them.

Sex addiction might not be a real condition — here’s why

Experts disagree over whether you can be addicted to sex or not.

A surprising number of teenagers are engaging in ‘digital self-harm,’ the practice of being mean to yourself online

Experts have found teens digital self-harm in an effort to validate their insecurities in a public space.

An 11-year-old has become ‘America’s Top Young Scientist’ for her sensor detecting lead in water

Gitanjali Rao, an 11-year-old from Lone Tree, Colorado, is the winner of this year's Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge.