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HP says nearly 500 laptop models have a dangerous bug that can record everything you type

HP issued a list of all the affected models and updates containing the fix.
NiceHash shut down its site Wednesday following a major hack.

Thieves stole potentially millions of dollars in bitcoin in a hacking attack on a cryptocurrency company

NiceHash shutdown its website and confirmed the breach midday Wednesday after hours of speculation from its users.

There’s an embarrassing and dangerous security hole in the latest Mac software

Apple says it's looking into the bug and will push a software update that fixes the security hole in MacOS High Sierra.

Cisco is linking up with Interpol to share data about the cyber criminals it finds both on and off its network

It's a warm approach to law enforcement in an industry that often requires search warrants before sharing data with government entities.
US Air Force C32 A, the military version of a Boeing 757-200.

A Boeing 757 was hacked and now DHS is worried more planes could be at risk

A Department of Homeland Security official admitted that the agency was able to remotely hack into a Boeing 757 during a test.
Amazon's Echo Show, one of a burgeoning number of smart-home gadgets.

Consumers are holding off on buying smart-home gadgets thanks to security and privacy fears

Consumers aren't embracing smart-home devices as much as other connected gadgets, thanks to security and privacy concerns, a new survey indicates.

Forever 21 says that customers’ credit-card info may have been stolen

People who shopped in Forever 21 stores from March through October 2017 may have had their credit-card details stolen, the company announced.

The NHS has huge security issues and needs to ‘get their act together’ after the WannaCry attack

A government report has slammed the NHS after the devastating ransomware attack earlier in 2017.
The University of Florida is bracing for protests ahead of a scheduled speech Thursday by white nationalist leader Richard Spencer.

White nationalist Richard Spencer will speak at the University of Florida — and UF is spending $500,000 on massive police presence

White nationalist Richard Spencer will speak at the University of Florida in Gainesville, which expects to spend half a million dollars on security.
Hackers could hijack the devices and use them to surreptitiously send messages to children.

Security flaws in child smartwatches mean hackers can use them to spy on kids’ locations

The devices could be hijacked and used to eavesdrop on children — or even send them messages, researchers found.