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Trump says Roy Moore lost because ‘the deck was stacked against him’

President Donald Trump tweeted Wednesday that he originally pushed for a different Senate candidate because he knew the Republican Roy Moore would lose.
Senator-elect Doug Jones

Alabama projected to elect Democrat Doug Jones as next US senator in upset special election

Democrat Doug Jones beat out Republican Roy Moore in the Alabama special election, dealing a significant blow to the GOP.

‘Decency wins’: Republicans celebrate a blow to their own party

Several prominent Republicans who rejected Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore amid allegations of sexual misconduct celebrated the Republican's loss.
Democratic Alabama U.S. Senate candidate Doug Jones acknowledges supporters at the election night party in Birmingham, Alabama, U.S., December 12, 2017.

‘I just don’t know what the hell to say’: Doug Jones gives emotional victory speech after massive Alabama Senate upset

Senator-elect Doug Jones delivered an emotional speech on Tuesday night following his stunning defeat of Republican Roy Moore in Alabama's special election.
Roy Moore supporters

All eyes on Alabama: What to watch for tonight in Alabama’s Senate special election

All eyes are on Alabama as voters went to the polls to elect the next US senator. Black voters, suburban Republicans, young voters will be ones to watch.

Roy Moore spokesperson says the GOP Senate candidate ‘probably’ thinks homosexual conduct should be illegal

This is not the first time Moore has suggested criminalizing homosexual conduct.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren accuses Trump of ‘slut-shaming’ Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand

Sen. Elizabeth Warren accused President Donald Trump of attempting to "bully, intimidate and slut-shame" her Democratic ally, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand.

Democratic congresswoman asks Senate Sergeant at Arms to protect teen assistants from Roy Moore

A Democratic congresswoman sent a letter to the Senate Sergeant at Arms insisting they take precautions in advance of a victory for scandal-embattled Roy Moore.
Three of Trump's accusers speak at the Brave New Films press briefing.

Women who have accused Trump of sexual misconduct call his endorsement of Roy Moore ‘horrifying’ and ‘disgusting’

Three women who have accused Donald Trump of sexually harassing or abusing them addressed Trump's endorsement of the Senate candidate Roy Moore on Monday.

8 head-scratching things Roy Moore has said about slavery, evolution, and more

The Republican candidate in Alabama's special election has expressed some controversial views over the years.